Monday, April 13, 2009

clearing the entryway

Ok, I know last week I said I'd hit the front closet. But I just made it as far as the front entryway (you know, that transitional area with the shoe basket, the key bowl, the coat hook, the counter for the cell phone?) Kind of prepping myself to get back to the monster in the closet.

Just like last week, I ran into some projects and decisions. Round two is really making me delve a bit deeper. What the heck am I going to do on round three?


April 6: I have a little box with some coupons that I grab before I go shopping. I went through it and put all the expired ones in the recycling.

April 7: I went through the key bowl and threw away a flashlight keychain that no longer works and another keychain that I will never use. (I wish they were recycle-able)

April 8: Pulled a pair of sneakers out of the shoe basket that kind of hurt my feet. Put them in the donation bag.

April 9: I have a little pile of stickers for the car: AAA, AMC, USATF. I am not going to put these on my car! Threw em away.

April 10: Last week, when I went to my parents, they gave a bag of stuff to me that they found in the back of the closet to my old room. One of the items was: a monogrammed Bermuda bag that I carried in junior high. Remember Bermuda bags? Those wooden handled purses? They had different covers that you could button on so you could change the color with the seasons. And if you were really fancy (like I was, once upon a time --when my Mom bought everything for me) you had a monogrammed cover. So now, I have this ridiculous thing in my possession. I can't exactly donate this thing --it's monogrammed. What are the chanced somebody with the initials HMW is going to go into the Goodwill store looking for a wooden handled purse? So I took the purse and I bought it with me while I was babysitting. My 4 year old neice thought it was great for playing dress up.

April 11: Took another pile of magazines to the gym from the magazine basket.

April 12: In addition to visiting family on Easter, I was also attacking their doorlocks. I took the pile of unidentified keys from the key bowl and tried them in the locks at my brother's and parents. I got smart and LABELED them. The rest of the mystery keys went in the trash.
So, seriously...this week I'll face the monster in the front closet. Sooner or later, I need to get to round two there!


Diane said...

I was JUST telling Ryan about Bermuda bags the other day! She has a thing for purses. She is NOT like me.

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Whoa, good for you. You are WAY more organized than me. So... will you come over and clean out my key drawer??? LOL

Just stopping by from SITS.