Monday, April 20, 2009

decluttering the dreaded front closet

Each Monday, when I check in on the decluttering process, I feel like I am going to a weight watchers or alcoholics anonymous meeting.

"Hello, I'm Jeepgirl, and I'm a crap-hoarder. But one day at a time and let go and all that stuff"

But the place is really starting to look streamlined and simplified and all that stuff. I feel lighter, too.

So last week, I ventured down into DUM, DUM, DUM.....the front closet!!

April 13: I got rid of 2 boxes that I had down there and was saving for some reason. recycle

April 14: Got rid of a duffel bag that had the name of a company I used to work for. It'll become the new donation bag.

April 15: Into the clothes rack: I have a frickin' plaid vest. I actually used to wear it with black pants for a Christmas-y kind of look. WHy? I have no frickin' idea. But some poor soul may pick it up at the Goodwill store and decide to wear it to their next Christmas party. donate

April 16: Last week I got rid of a sweater set I had that reminded me of a bad time in my life. I have another sweater set that reminds me of the same time of life. Apparently, wearing sweater sets was not good for me. Seriously? A self-proclaimed hippy girl bopping around in sweater sets? No wonder I want to forget that period of my life. donate

April 17: Laundry day! One load, one article of clothing: a too big white tee shirt donate

April 18: and while I'm at it, a too big blue tee shirt donate

APril 19: Wow, that donation bag really filled up this week! I took the whole bag down to the Goodwill today and dropped it off.

On to the living room area next week.


Diane said...

Yeah, I totally can't picture you in sweater sets. I love 'em, though. I'm still preppy at heart, I think.

Carolina John said...

OMG i think kelley is going to buy a house here in north carolina and we are going to move soon. geez, we'll have to channel your decluttering vibes. come to carolina and help!!! we need you heather!

Anonymous said...

I'm on a de-cluttering kick myslef. It is hard. I had no idea I had such a strong emotional reaction (good and bad) to some items. It's actually kinda stupid. I read the other day that you spend the first 40 years accumulating stuff and the next 40 years getting rid of stuff. It looks like I am right on schedule.

You doin' oK?