Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Week Of Simplifying

One more week of purging down...
I have to admit, I've been a little laxidaisical about it this week. Could be I'm tired from the time change (whenever we change the clocks, I have like 10 days where I can't fall asleep at nite, even though in the fall, I should fall asleep easier!), could be I'm still pretty overwhelmed. But then again, that's why I started this purging thing in the first place!

1) Under the sink in the bathroom, I had a tube of Biofreeze that had kind of...solidified. No use to anyone now! In the trash

2) Went through the basket with magazines. I pulled out any articles or recipes that looked of interest to me, and put the rest in my gym back to give to the gym.

3) Went through the pile of catalogs I had put aside and did a little Xmas shopping online. Then put the catalogs in the recycling bin.

4) Pulled out a pair of socks to put in the donation bag.

5) Since I am mailing a bunch of Xmas gifts directly to the recipiants (wrapped and everything. Love online gift giving!) I went through the supply of boxes I had put aside for shipping purposes and put a bunch in the recycling pile

6) After the Ruckus, I threw out socks, underwear, and gloves. Not really sure if I should count this, but I am.

7) Pulled out a Tshirt I've had forever but never wear. But it reminded me of my neice. So I gave it to her today when I went over to visit.

And there we are. 7 things lighter this week, hopefully more energy next week.

Today I am grateful for:

1) Keeping in touch with friends who are far away
2) Xmas shopping early
3) I'm sore as heck today, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to feel that way!
4) That I get to visit my neices more easily now
5) And get to see my Dad. (and that my Dad is healthy enough to run in his own 10k while I'm Ruckusing away!)

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