Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy weekend, simplified

I had a fun, busy, exhausting weekend. It was really crazy busy in town! This should not surprise me. It's Plymouth, Massachusetts, the site of the original Thanksgiving Day celebration. And the weekend before is when the parade, festivals, concerts, etc, take place.

People come from all over. And yet, I'm still amazed. Really? You came all the way here to this little town on the water in the November cold for Thanksgiving? I live here and I almost skipped the parade!

Of course, not having the foresight to get there early, I had to park 2 1/2 miles away and had a nice little walk to and from the parade. Today, I did the Turkey Chase (freezing! I really should have worn more layers!), saw a bluegrass band, and went to the farmer's market. Overall, a good weekend. So why am I stuck in complaint mode, cursing the cold? Some people just can't be pleased, eh?

At home, I continued to purge. Its becoming a habit once, again; one I may continue through December. Just because I'm a typical American with way too many things and a preponderance to accumulate more.

So this week, I got rid of:

1) Two pairs of socks (donation)
2) A zip up hoodie I haven't worn in over a year (donation)
3) A bunch of sunglasses cases I don't even know how I got (donation bag)
4) A large storage tin with snowmen painted on it (donation)
5) Some holiday print cloth napkins -- don't know how I got those, either (donation)
6) Went through a few more magazines in the basket and brought those to the waiting area at work
7) Threw out a small bottle of lotion that looked a bit congealed.

At this rate, I should be ready for another trip to the thrift store next week!

Today I am grateful for:

1) warm clothes
2) comfort food
3) good books
4) good friends
5) the promise of a short work week ahead!

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