Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving, we are all thankful for the BIG things: family, friends, our health. But I've always thought it was the LITTLE things that make the greatest difference. (Of course, that may be due in part to my own stature. But whatever.)


1) I'm thankful for the state of California. No offense to the other 49 states. I just had a good time there this year.
2) I'm thankful for the Olympics. I just think there is no better sporting event to watch
3) I'm thankful for the Paralympics (and for the fact that they'll actually be televised in the US next time!)
4) I'm thankful for the excellent display of athleticism, sportsmanship, and all-around grooviness by my celebrity boyfriend, Apolo Ohno at the Olympics.
5) I'm thankful for the concept of celebrity boyfriends!
6) I'm thankful for pillows.
7) And pilates circles.
8) And yoga blocks.
9) And SI support belts.
10) I'm thankful for physical therapy. Not only because that's how I make my living, but because that shit works!
11) I'm thankful I can again run and bike without excruciating pain.
12) I'm thankful for the excellent display of slowness, humility, and all-around goofiness by ME during this year's tri-season.
13) I'm thankful I don't make my living by my athletic prowess. ('Cause I'd be broke and homeless!)
14) I'm thankful for the wonderful weather we had this summer.
15) And the beach. I love you, beach!
16) I'm thankful to the concept of the tankini
17) I'm thankful I don't make my living based on how flat my abs are. ('Cause I'm be broke, homeless, and possibly a heroin addict)
18) I'm thankful for ibuprofen (I may be a recovering ibuprofen addict)
20) I'm thankful for the continent of Europe. It sits there across the ocean and beacons me
21) I'm thankful for the opportunity to travel there this year
22) I'm thankful for indian summer
23) And the colorful leaves in the fall
24) And how warm fleece is.
25) I'm thankful I don't make my living based on how well I adapt to cold temperatures ('Cause I'd be broke, homeless, and frozen to death)
26) I'm thankful I'm not frozen to death
27) I'm thankful for the farmer's market
28) I'm thankful for live music. Anywhere and anytime. Of any kind.
29) I'm thankful for online shopping. It makes my life so much easier.
30) I"m thankful that I did not watch "Food Inc" before Thanksgiving dinner.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty thankful for California too... except when I'm stuck on the 405. :)