Monday, November 10, 2008

Bloggie Love

Yesterday, I got a little bloggie love from Diane and from Heather. The idea behind the "Proximity" award is that there are some blogs out there that make you feel closer to somebody out there. You may never meet this person in real life. It may a person whom you wouldn't have become friends with in the outside world. It may be a person you have very little in common with.

But this person is somebody who you check in on every day. Somebody you become interested in, somebody you wonder about if they haven't posted in a while. Somebody who, in weird way, you start to consider your friend.

I'm passing it along to:

Mrs. D: One of the first blogs I started to read on a regular basis. She is so down to earth and funny, she makes me laugh with her sassy take on life.
TutuGirl: The first comment I got was from TutuGirl. I love that she is so passionate about life.
Gazelle: Funny and inspiring. Whevever I feel like skipping my run to sit on the sofa, Gazelle's blog coaxes me into action.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hebba!! I feel the same way. I'll be honored to accept :-)

the gazelle said...

Thank you so much! I'm not sure why I didn't see this the other day - I subscribe to your feed, after all!

I really appreciate your very kind words. :)