Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Nite

So here we are on Election day. I thought I would be really smart and vote before work. Then I would go out after work and see a movie simply so I would not drive myself crazy watching election results. Unfortunately, there were about 200 people in line at 7:10 this morning. SO I returned after work to cast my vote in a nearly empty elementary school.

But that meant that I was home during the election results, trying to keep the TV turned on a movie, but flipping back every so often in my anxiety.

I can remember four years ago, going to bed. Getting up and turning the TV on. Getting even more anxious. Going back to bed. Getting back up. Turning on the TV. Getting even more anxious. And on and on and on.

At least it looks like it won't be so close this time. Turning down the anxiety factor a little bit.

I never used to get so anxious about presidential elections. I still don't consider myself particularly political. It just seems like we, as a nation, have become so polarized. The ridiculous talk radio boneheads hatemongering. The "true American" and "false American" arguments. The all-or-nothing thinking we all seem to have fallen prey to.

I think we all have alot more in common than we give ourselves credit for.

I only hope that whoever wins tonite, whether it was the candidate you wanted or not, (the candidate I wanted or not) is able to steer this country in a better direction than it has been going in. I hope we can find our similarities and start to downplay our differences. I hope that starting in January 2009, we as a nation, and we as people, can finally start to live up to our great potential.

Wishing you all sweet, anxiety-free dreams.

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