Sunday, November 9, 2008

Check in

Today, I awoke with all kinds of ambitious intentions, to go down the canal and run, lift, clean the car, etc. Instead, I got myself a nice cup of tea, popped on a movie, and started in on some review for my exam next week. It felt so nice to be all cozy on the sofa with my tea while the wind was blowing outside...that I stayed in my PJ's all day. Lazy, lazy, lazy. But oh, so nice.

And a good day for a check in:

1) 15 minutes on my projects: I certainly have started, but I definitely did not do 15 minutes per day on the projects around the house. I have a big collection of jars and bottles which I am planning on making Xmas gifts from. (more on that later) I at least have removed all of the labels from the jars this week. Which is ridiculously harder than it sounds. Some of those labels are glued down with some kind of super adhesive under every square inch of label space. But truthfully, most of my time is dedicated to review for my certification exam next weekend. I'll have more time for my projects after that.

2) Listening to those damn motivational CD's. Ok, I dug them out, put them in the car, and am 3 CD's worth into them. They are ok, but seriously not as motivational as the Red Hot Chili Peppers on a car ride home.

3) Simultaneously working on "3 Cups of Tea" and a "Shopaholic" book from my bookshelf.

4)'s my dilemma with this goal. My friend emailed me back and let me know he definitely did NOT want to do another marathon next year. I'm thinking, I would like to do one. But maybe not go down to Myrtle Beach by myself. So I gotta pick another marathon to do, maybe a little later so I can do some nice running, but not freeze my tuckas off running 16 mile runs in January. Plus, I didn't get off the sofa today.

5) Picked out a Turkey Trot to do with Dad.

6) Went to the movies. Check. I love the movies.

7) Haven't given a thought to new towels.

8) Studying hard for that certification. Its next week.

9) Love, love, love the new work schedule. Totally used to it in one week. Just have to work out how to utiluze that extra day to its full advantage.

And even though today was great, staying in my PJ's will NOT be in the cards for how to use that extra day each week from here on out.


Diane said...

Check in with me for an award...

Heather said...

So, it may be redundant, but there's something on my blog for you as well!
Guess that's proof that you're loved.

spleen said...

You know, just reading about your day made *me* feel more relaxed. Awesome. My take is, when you stay in PJs all day, you must have really needed that relaxation time. Down time is important! And if you need to do it every time for the next 6 months, so be it. :)

What certification are you studying for next week? (mebbe write about in a post?) good luck!