Saturday, November 15, 2008

wasting time on work that could be spent on hobbies

Well, today I got up bright and early to drive an hour and a half so I could go take my certification exam for a work related dealio. Here's the thing: I'm all for expanding my knowledge and getting certified in areas that will help me become better at my work. BUT...(and, like mine, it's a big one) I don't like wasting my time. And I feel like this exam was just that. Out of 200 questions, about 4 actually related to the type of work I do. The rest did not. Yet, its a manditory certification for an area of specialty I work in. Does it make sense? No. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. So now that is done.

Once home, I put away all the study materials that have been strewn across my coffee table for the past month. And I busted open...The Triathlete's Training Bible!

THAT will NOT be a waste of my time!

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Diane said...

Busting open the Triathlete's Training Bible would have exhausted me! Just kidding. OK, not really.

I'm bound and determined to start running again (the other 2 things will have to wait) but I need to have my nose seen to first (I can no longer get any air through it... at all... I'm feel winded just sitting here!). Once I do (and pray it won't require anything invasive... unless, of course, it means they can change the SHAPE of my nose without charging me for cosmetic surgery!), I may be asking you for some advice about getting started. I may not, as I might decide I'd rather be a lazy sod... but you never know! ;)