Saturday, November 29, 2008

Reunion of Dunces

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am to the sound of the rooster next door. Once I figured out that I was truly awake and not going to drift back to sleep, I then discovered that the room was spinning wildly out of control. I needed to get up and drink some water pronto to fend off the waves of nausea that were sure to follow. (That should give an indication of how the reunion-to the-school-I-did-not-attend went last night.)

If you have never crashed a reunion (which I'm sure very few besides me have) I highly recommend it. It's great to walk up to people and pretend you were in homeroom together for four years, in order to see them struggle to remember who you are. It's also great when people know you and say: "Wait. Did you go to school with us?" "No, I just had nothing better to do tonight, so I figured I'd swing by." "Oh. Ok. That's interesting."

Greater still, was the fact that I had a nametag that proclaimed I was Slacker-Boy's wife. There was a lot of: "Wait. I thought he was married to Slacker Girl." "Yeah, he is. She's in Washington." "Ok. So why are you here with him?" "Oh, I'm just filling in for her tonight." Slacker-Boy, of course, was sticking to his east coast wife/west coast wife line. There was a lot of strange looks over that one!

Aside from trying to confuse people, there was also genuine connecting with people with whom I played sports, or people who knew my brothers or people who knew my parents. And lots of beer. Every time I turned around, I had another bottle handed to me. And I kept drinking them.

At the end of the night, J and I stole the cake! There was a giant sheet cake that nobody touched. So J grabbed one end, I grabbed the other, and we ran through the parking lot to cram the cake in the car. Everyone there also seemed to think it was a great idea and aided and abetted us the entire way: holding the door open, offering to hold the cake while we fumbled for keys, or just cheering the two lunatic girls with the giant sheet cake.

This morning, we just looked at the gargantuan cake and said "What the heck are we going to do with this thing?" And just then, the phone rang. It was a friend who was working at a fund raiser for the Boys and Girls Club. He wanted to hang out with Slacker Boy before he went home. "Why don't you guys swing by the fund raiser?" He asked. SURE! And we will bring a cake!

So perhaps the funniest and greatest moment of all was arriving at a fund raiser with a giant, stolen cake and presenting it to the Boys and Girls' Club as a special gift from the Class of 1988.

We Rock!


the gazelle said...

I recently went to a friend's 20 year reunion with her since her husband was out of town. There were too many beers, but I sure had fun!

Diane said...

You do rock! Glad you had fun... hope the hangover wasn't too fierce.