Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving List

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I figured I would write the obligatory "What I am Thankful For" post. In the spirit of Jeepgirl, I figured I would skip the obvious.

Everyone is thankful for their family and their friends, for their health and the kids in their lives. Everyone is thankful for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I am, too. I figured you all knew that already.

What you may not have known (but may have been able to guess) is that I keep a running list of things that I am grateful for. Not every day. Not even regularly. But every so often, I feel very thankful for...SOMETHING. And I write it down on the back page of my journal. (Yeah, I'm a dork)

So, here we go:

Non-Obvious Things I Was Thankful for in 2008:

1) Ball Point Pens
2) Port-o-Potties
3) Hot Tea
4) Xerox Machines
5) Sharpies
6) M & M'S
7) Hot Showers
8) Puffs Plus with Lotion and Vick's
9) Flannel Sheets
10) Ocean Waves
11) Oscillating Fans
12)Squashy Socks
13) Cotton
14) IPods
15) Ice Cream
16) Tortillas
17) Foam Rollers
18) Baseball Caps
19) Sleeping and Waking Up
20) Emails that make your heart skip a beat
21) Books
22) NetFlix
23) text messaging
24) Cool Max
25) the Red Sox
26)Ernest Hemingway

There. That's one for each day we've had in November. Maybe next year I'll have a list of 365. (this year woulda had 366. Leap Year There. There's one more for good luck)

Happy Thanksgiving!


the gazelle said...

that's a great list.

Diane said...

Cool list... I like the 365 idea. I might steal that one from you :).

Red Cup Mom said...

I love my Sharpies! I came over here from Diane. She was talking about your purging of stuff. So cool!