Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bloggie Award

Yay! I love bloggie awards! This one is from Tutu Girl. I just love the way she thinks. (and I'm not just saying that because she bestowed this prestigious award on me)

So the rules of this meme are: name 7 things that you love.


1) Browsing the bargain section of the bookstore. It's here that I find the gems that I otherwise would never have thought to consider. Sometimes, I hit the jackpot, sometimes I just dig up mud. But the scavenger hunt always keeps me coming back

2) New socks, fresh from the package. They never feel as soft and cozy as that first time you put them on your happy, happy feet.

3) Riding with the top off the jeep on a warm, sunny day. That's why I got it, after all.

4) Walking on the beach, shin deep in the water, with the waves washing over in a big, bubbly rush.

5) Remembering the smell of the Isle of Skye in Scotland: Scottish heather, peat fires, and the ocean all mixed together. I've never smelled anything as wonderful, before or since.

6) Garden fresh tomatoes in the summer.

7) A cup of tea first thing in the morning when the day is full of possibility.
Next, I'm supposed to send this along to 7 other blogs that I love. However, I am just going to send out an open invitation to anyone looking for blogging fodder. Spring is here, and I suspect you all are outside enjoying the nice weather. (at least I hope so)
Happy week!!

1 comment:

Heather said...

Great list!! And a well deserved award.
Oh how I want a Jeep for those warm, sunshiney days... and I'd LOVE to be walking on a beach right now. *Sigh* Too bad I'm stuck in cubicle land...