Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Decluttering and depollinating

Summer has officially started: everything is covered in a yellowy-green dusty pollen and I found a tick in my hair today. BOO!

And since today is Monday, even though its Tuesday, its time comment on the decluttering. (Which, incidentally, has taken a back seat to de-pollinating) Focusing on the living room this week:

May 18: I had finished a book and put it in the donation bag.

May 19: After going through the storage area in my parent's house, I have a bag of hats in the living room. (I know...a bag of hats is not normal. I never claimed to be) But I pulled a hat out that I will never wear and put that in a different donation bag.

May 20: I went through one of the baskets under the coffee table and threw away a bumper sticker I had received for making a donation to some cause. I will never put this bumper sticker on my car. I will, however, put it in the trash. Today.

May 21: Went through the magazine basket and pulled out three to bring to the gym.

May 22: I had a pile of continuing education brochures I received in the mail. I put them in my work bag to post on the cont. ed bulletin board.

May 23: I moved some notebooks from the coffee table to more appropriate place -- the bedside table, which now is roomier after taking care of the bedroom last week. And then, since moving things seems like CHEATING, I took a box of chocolates I had received as a gift and brought them to a birthday party as a little treat.

May 24: I went through the video tape/ DVD basket and took out an exercise video for a charity sale somebody at work is organizing.

The living room, in its new configuration, looks neat and tidy. On to the office area next week!


Heather said...

Yay for summer! But definitely boo for pollen (and ticks!)

Carolina John said...

watch out for those ticks. that's not cool.

of course here in the deep south the ticks get to be as big as your head.