Sunday, May 17, 2009

mad at Zack Braff

With the precarious economy, the possibility of a H1N1 pandemic, trains crashing in Boston, and wildfires burning out of control in California, I figured it was time to dedicate a blog post to something really important! Like Scrubs.

What the heck in going on with my beloved Scrubs? Once upon a time, it was the one show I could truly count on. Well, not to stick to one time slot or one day or even one network, but at least to consistently make me laugh. No matter what the rest of my week was like, for one half hour per week (be it 9:00 on Thursday or 8:30 on Tuesday or 8:00 on Wednesday) I would laugh out loud at both the obvious and subtle humor, the physical slapstick, and the smart, tight writing.

Then came this season. Not only did the jokes fall flat most of the time, but they completely did away with subtle, overdoing the "janitor has no name", "sweaty Teddy" and "guy-love" aspects. Plus...PLUS... they started phasing in an entirely new cast while phasing out the old one. Did they think we would not notice? Just because they have 1) a neurotic, insecure blonde, 2) a black surgeon, 3) a narcissist, 4) a cute dark-haired, dark-skinned girl, and 5) a dorky guy who is simultaneously chinless and double chinned, that doesn't mean the old cast is disposable! C'mon, there is no guy-love between the members of the new cast! (just because they over did it doesn't mean I want them get RID of guy love!)

I blame Zack Braff. He's leaving the show to go produce some radio show and write, direct, and star in a bunch of movies from New York. Like some kind of gelled-up neo-Woody Allen. I'm so mad at him! Who does he think he is, going off to pursue his own dreams when he should be dedicating his life to entertaining me for one half hour per week?

I have SERIOUSLY re-considered my celebrity crush on Mr. Zack Braff. As a matter of fact: I may actually pretend-break up with him and end our pretend-relationship. That'll show him! As a matter of fact FACT: I may actually just blow him off when I bump into him in real life, some summer day when I am strolling down the street in New York. (That's the way it's going to happen. It's a long, involved story that involves my friend, Isabella posing as the bait and me jumping in as the switch. It's too complicated to divulge all the details, but trust me: it's totally plausible. Downright probable, in fact.)

Anyway, when that happens, and he is completely smitten, I may actually just look at him and say "Meh. Whatever." Forget the cute, nerdy, socially awkward vibe that I dig so much: "Meh. Whatever." THAT'LL SHOW HIM!

In the meantime, I have to find other ways of entertaining myself. Like, maybe, going outside and interacting with actual people. *shudder*

Stupid Zack Braff!


Carolina John said...

screw interacting with actual people. scrubs is much better.

i have also lost my celeb crush on zach braff.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I kinda thought Braff wasn't exactly bringing his A-Game to the show for the last couple of years. And the whole guy-love thing had grown to the point of being annoying... and a little passive-denial creepy.

On the other hand, I will truly miss the character of Perry Cox. On the plus side McGinley has a pilot going into next season, so hopefully it's something good (and gets picked up)!