Friday, May 1, 2009

May Goals

Happy May Day! Its always a lucky day when the first day of the month falls on a Friday, which is my day off. SO I can get everything paying the rent, changing the contacts, changing the sponges, updating the goals, checking the batteries in the smoke detectors, and all the rest. Of course, my friend, S was over watching the little one for J today, and it was rainy, rainy, rainy. So I may have sat around and watched movies all day with S instead of doing all my beginning of the month stuff.


April Goal Round Up:

1) Eating Plan: We're going to go a bout half and half on that one. I've been trying to eat more organic, drink more water, eat CLEANER. Of course, Easter was in April, with all that Easter candy. SO, I may have gotten side tracked a bit. But I do like the clean eating and want to take it up a notch next month. Baby steps, baby steps.

2) De Cluttering is still going strong.

3) 3 books from the bookshelf: Done and done!

4) Working out and Yoga: Again, I'm going with half credit. I'm plugging away. I got at least one yoga workout in a week, two on two of the weeks, and I have a home program that I did once. One of the workouts was a two hour yoga thing on Sunday at 6am. 1 hour of yoga followed by one hour of meditation. They are going to continue that the first Sunday of every month and I plan on continuing, too. June thru September, it goes to on the beach at sunrise. How cool is that?

5) Post every day for the month: Partial credit again. It got nice mid month and I had to go outside!

6) Guitar playing: some, but not as much as I should

7) House detox: I'm working on that one. Declutter, detox the house, detox the body, and yoga. Plus the Dalai Lama tomorrow. I may levitate instead of walk by the end of the year!

8) Easter Egg Hunt with the family: More like 6 Easter egg hunts. In 45 degree weather. Those kids are made of teflon!

9) 6 old fashioned snail mail letters to friends: Done just under the wire.

10) 2 projects from the project box: yay! finally making some progress there!

On to May.

I'm so happy May is here! It was really a hard, long, icy winter. I'm looking forward to nice weather and being outside.

1) Lose 4 pound for racing weight: I have been focusing much more on WHAT I've been eating rather than how much I eat and how much I weigh. Which is good. Except that racing begins in May. So I need to slim down so I don't keel over in the course.

2) Continue with the decluttering: Strangely, this is the only project that I haven't lost steam on. I get more and more inspired the more I get rid of. I'm hanging onto the hope that as I get rid of more stuff, I'm making room in my life for something good. Nothing earth-shattering has moved in, yet, but I certainly can find my keys a lot more easily. SO that's something.

3) Books on the bookshelf: Moving onto the spirituality books this month. I'm gettin ambitious, too. Instead of the usualy three, I'm tyring for 5 this month!

4) Run 100 mile this month (I totally stole this from Gazelle)

5) Complete a half marathon with PR

6) 3 projects from the project box

7) Do the switch from winter to summer clothes

8) Go out to see a band with friends

9) 6 more snail mail letters to friends I will MAKE people embrace the low-tech ways of communicating once again, damn it!

10) Swim in the ocean twice

And a bunch of work projects, as well. Just as long as I remember that having fun is important, as well.


Diane said...

Two ocean swims in May... brrrrr.

I just sat down and did a summer goals list with Ryan. She doesn't want to go into a summer program so I've told her she has to DO stuff at home. She's going to walk 350 miles with me; she's got a big architecture/design project to complete, and I've told her I'll give her $1 for every book she reads and does a short report on. She's golden and looking forward to summer.

Now for my goals...

lclarey said...

How I envy your yoga/meditation class on the beach.... even at 6am.

the gazelle said...

I wish someone would give me $1 for every book I read!

Great goals! I have your #1 & #5 goals, too - it's awesome to be able to 'borrow' others' goals. And of course, I stole the whole idea from you to begin with. :)

Carolina John said...

sounds like good goals. i'm totally down with gazzelle too. her 100 mile month should be nothing for me, i've got a marathon coming up in 5 weeks. still, it seems very challenging.