Saturday, May 30, 2009

summer soundtrack

This week, MamaKat posted a prompt asking what is your "life anthem". I gotta be honest, lately I am brain dead by Wed night and pondering something like my life anthem is just way too much to expect.

But today, I got a big taste of what was, well maybe not my life ANTHEM, but definitely my life SOUNDTRACK circa 1992-1993. Today, I went to EarthFest, a free concert in Boston's Hatch Shell. The lineup included The Lemonheads, Seven Mary Three and Soul Asylum. (It also included Shawn Mullins, but due to delays in public transportation, I didn't get there until he was leaving the stage) As I sat on the ground, soaking up the sun, I was transported back in time.

Suddenly, I was running around Boston in ripped jeans and a flannel shirt, listening to grunge rock and drinking (shudder) sloe gin fizzes. (I am quite happy to report that my taste in clothing and beverages has improved considerably since that time. The music I still like)

Suddenly, I felt like I had JUST graduated from college. I was optimistic, ridiculously naive, and filled with a confidence that everything I wanted in life would just magically fall into place. And though the ME that was sitting on the grass today has had a few experiences that contradict that confident belief, singing along with my old life soundtrack made me feel a little bit more like the ME of 1992.

I even jumped up and joined the mosh pit for a while, confident that I wouldn't get flattened.

Oh, it's gonna be a great summer.

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Lacey said...

Don't you just love how music can take you to another place like that? Ah, to be transported back to the days of grunge... Lovely. :-)