Monday, May 4, 2009

the end of round two


No sooner do I make goals to lose 4# and run 100 miles in a month than life, with its twisted sense of humor, throws a curve ball at me.

Yesterday I woke up with my eyes literally swollen almost shut and my sinuses feeling like they were stuffed with wet cotton. I've never had bad allergies before, so why now? I convinced a friend to go buy me some Benadryl and after my 5 hour medicine induced nappy, was much better, though groggy. Translation? My 11 mile run did not happen.

And then today, a patient lost his balance in front of me and I managed to catch him and lower him to the ground gently. But I caught him at an angle and my knee rapidly twisted from the impact. Translation? My 5 mile run did not happen. Fortunately, I don't think there's any significant damage. I felt better after 30 minutes on the stationary bike and some ice. Maybe tomorrow.

In happier news, the purging continues without a hitch. This week, I was back to the storage containers.

April 27: From the winter sports basket (which got disappointingly little use this year) I pulled out a fleece pull over for the donation bag.

April 28: From the luggage container, I pulled out an odd sized duffel bag (which does not work as a carry on). This I decided to repurpose from luggage to winter clothes storage.

April 29: From the tools-n-such container, I pulled out a few mini bungee cords and gave them away to K for his workshop. He'll get a lot more use out of them than me.

April 30: Going through some boxes, I noticed that I had been saving the I'm going to rewrap the contents in the same paper. That may have worked in a desert state like California, but here in Mass, it gets damp. The newspaper was starting to smell musty. NOT GOOD. I threw away any and all newspaper from storage containers and boxes.

May 1: Today I started the switcheroo from winter to summer clothes. (I always forget that it's a multi-step process and start out thinking that I'll get everything completed in 2 hours or so. Forgetting the --take the wool coat and sweaters to the dry cleaners before packing away, wash the jackets before packing away etc. Anyway, In the summer stuff I came across some capri pants that inexplicably remind me of M. Donation bag! (It's weird how clothes remind me of certain times in my life or certain people. I'm decluttering on many levels!)

May 2: Winter flannel PJ bottoms that I haven't worn in 3 years or so....donation bag!

May 3: Big, giant, out of style sweater that I'll never wear again...donation bag!

And that's it for round two through the love loft. Next week, I'm starting on round three, back in the kitchen again.


Diane said...

We're the same person! My 11 mile run didn't take place either... nor did my 5 mile run (and by 'my' I mean 'yours' 'cause, well, they never were going to happen for me! ;). Oh, and my purge went well... mostly because the basement flooded with all the rain we've been getting and I had to throw crap away. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I really should take your lead and start making lists...

Carolina John said...

I'm telling you heather it's global warming. I've never had any kind of allergy problems before, but this year the tree pollen has killed me. put me down on the floor for 2 weeks last month. here in Carolina we're already into the middle of summer weather, so the tree pollen has let up some. but still, wth was that? it's like the tree pollen is some mutated killer strain this year.

i hope you feel better soon, and the knee ends up ok. you're supposed to get knee injuries from running, not before running.

the gazelle said...

I, too, am having allergies for the first time ever. It's a CURSE! It ruined my 10 miler over the weekend - dammit! Tonight, though - EIGHT!