Sunday, January 30, 2011

20 more things that make me happy

It's that time of the week again: time for happy thoughts

20 More things that make me happy.

61) Nerd (specifically)
62) nerds (in general)
63) the show Scrubs (clearly a show for nerds)
64) when everything is super clean and organized in my apartment
65) Sam Adams Light beer
66) diet Coke (there! I said it! I know I should be cutting down on caffeine, but I love it)
67) how pretty the trees look covered in snow
68) bargain book stores
69) butternut squash
70) back rubs
71) not having to be anywhere in particular on a weekend
72) snow days (not that I can stay home from work. But sometimes there's some free time to catch up. Which makes me happy)
73) slumber parties
74) my friend's new puppy, Banjo. (he's so cute)
75) a nice warm winter morning when I can go outside without freezing
76) lasagna
77) my foam roller for rolling out aches and pains
78) soft plush blankets
79) a relaxing nightly ritual
80) granny smith apples

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