Sunday, January 16, 2011

20 things that make me happy

You know what would really make me happy? If blogger let me change the December quote to a January quote. Since that doesn't seem to be happening any time soon, I must suffice with 20 other things to make me smile.

20 things that make me happy:

21) surrounding myself with pillows in a "sleep nest"
22) weekend plans with friends
23) coming to the end of a good book
24) warm baths
25) when friends who have never met before hit it right off
26) hot tea
27) laughing hysterically until you can't breathe
28) successful days at work
29) trying out new recipes
30) especially when I like the new recipes!
31) cute sweater dresses with leggings
32) warm boots
33) times when the future spreads out before you- full of possibilities
34) having somebody tell you they believe in those possibilities
35) structured training plans
36) wicker baskets
37) baseball caps
38) bananas
39) smoothies in the morning (with or without bananas)
40) visiting museums

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