Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something New!

While looking through a magazine last month, I came across and article on this chippy! She had an amazing idea to give away $100 a day every day for a year to charitable organizations. I thinks that is just fantastic and inspiring and overall just, well, good.

Reading her blog, I thought: "The world really needs more people like her."

And then I thought: "I'm a person. And I want to be like her."

Of course, financially speaking, there is no way I can commit to giving away $100 a day. But I took a serious look at my finances and where my money goes. And I figured out that with a little tweaking, I can commit to giving $25 a week to charitable causes. In my journal, I have dubbed the year 2011 "The Year of Better Choices". And I think that the tweaks I've made (or have pledged to make) with my spending in order to give more money to worthy causes really is a better choice.

So, every week, I'll be talking about a charitable organization and why I wish to give money to its cause. (Plus, I encourage anyone to tell me about any organization they feel strongly about in the comments session.)

This week's charity is:

The American Diabetes Association

Right now, approximately 24 million Americans (about 8%) of the population has diabetes. This figure continues to grow every year. It's the 7th leading direct cause of death in the US, and contributes to the development of many other medical conditons including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, neuropathy, blindness, kidney disease, and amputations (it is the #1 cause of lower limb amputations in adults)

The American Diabetes Association funds research studies aimed at diabetes treatment the search for a cure. It also focuses on educational resources for people living with diabetes. Since type 2 diabetes is a largely preventable disease (and since lifestyle changes are a key factor in the management of type 2 diabetes) education is very important.

On a personal note, my Nana on my mother's side died of uncontrolled diabetes. She was diagnosed only after she died. I can't help but think if she had access to some educational information, she would have been able to take better control of her health.

If anyone else wants to learn more about diabetes, The American Diabetes Association, or wishes to donate, go here!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your idea. I've been toting this around in my head too and will also give it a try. Thank you for your wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome idea. I donate to a few organizations, but I like the idea of doing one a week. Thanks for the brainstorm! :)