Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goal Wrap Up

Happy New Year, everyone!

I had big plans for 1/1/1111. I was going to get up early and go down to Old Silver Beach for a group run. And then I was going to stand back, NOT cave to peer pressure, and watch the crazy people take the polar plunge. (I'm not opposed to the idea of a polar plunge per se, but I had a cold that lasted 3 1/2 weeks. So jumping in the ocean in the middle of winter did not seem to be in my best interest) I was going to go to Costco. I was going to do some Christmas present returns. And I was going to cook up a storm-- all the healthy food I bought yesterday on my marathon of errands.

As it turns out, I had a lazy day. I did not leave the house. Which is so not like me. But I did cook up a storm. And I drank some tea. And went over my yearly goals. And did some journaling. And cleaned. And got rid of some stuff.

Not quite what I had planned. But I feel good. Rested. And ready to tackle 2011.

December Goals:

1) Wrap all gifts in recycled materials: Ridiculously easy to meet this goal. I had a plethora of gift bags left over from last year. And for items that did not fit into bags, I had insane amounts of brown packing paper and ribbon. (that's one drawback to ordering all your gifts online. Amazon uses way too much packing material! But easy to recycle!)

2) Training schedule all set up for 2011: all set up and written on the calendar.

3) Finish 5 books this month: And thanks to never ending illness, I finished Water for Elephants, Her Fearful Symmetry, Palo Alto Stories, Thrive, and This Time I Dance.

4) 30 Workouts in 30 Days: Epic Fail. I was crushed from that killer cold. Not only when I was actually sick, but during my recovery period.

5) Get Everything Turned in for Advanced Clinician Application: Done! Right at the deadline!

6) Get Apartment Spectacularly Decorated for Xmas: Done. I love my little Charlie Brown tree and I want to keep it up until Valentine's Day!

7) Organize a Memorial for a Friend: Put on the backburner. I wasn't the only one contagious and exhauseted. We're gonna do something at a later date.

8) Get Rid of 30 More Things: Done. I can't believe that I accummulate so much stuff. From somebody who strives for simplicity.

9) Have a Great Birthday: Ok. I don't mean to be a complainer. This is nobody's fault. But my birthday was a bit of a low point. I was sick. And I called in the next day. And I cried in the shower. Because I was just not happy on my actual birthday. But I'm pretty happy now. So, it's all good. Days are days and we shouldn't get stuck on the actualy date.

10) Have a Great Christmas: And THAT was a great day. Spent it with my family and played the part of "Super Auntie"

And the Yearly Goals for 2010:

1) 52 projects in 52 weeks: Half Credit. I did about half the year before just losing interest.

2) 52 Books in 52 Weeks: I ended up Completing 46 books in 52 Weeks. Not too shabby

3) Using Cloth Bags for 100% of my shopping excursions: Almost completely. A few mess ups here and there, but much more of an automatic behavior

4) Generate Only 12 Bags of Trash in 12 Months: 16 small bags of trash.

So even though I really seemed to lose steam this year, not too shabby overall. I'm excited for lots of new things to strive for in 2011.

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