Sunday, January 23, 2011

happy thoughts

20 things that make me happy

41) my new indoor bike trainer

42) brownies
43) throwing things away (that have no use)
44) donating things (that have use, but not to me)
45) cherishing things that I use and love
46) hot chocolate with whipped cream
47) flannel sheets
48) Sunday movie afternoons
49) when I find the perfect gift for somebody
50) signing up for races for the year
51) planning for vacations
52)or not planning (saying "I don't know where my life is going" and loving it)
53) spinach
54) my co-workers (I work with some great people)
55) lip balm with eucalyptus
56) knowing people who can help me with things I'm not good at
57) babies (my nephew is 7 months and I'm loving it)
58) making up silly songs with the kids
59) celebratory slices of cake
60) effective exercise routines to work off the cake

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