Sunday, January 2, 2011

January Goals

Imagine if I were the person I'm striving to be....I'd be taller first off; I may actually be 5'2" or EVEN 5'3"! I would be thinner; I'd have the cool, Pilate's looking abs, not the inflated looking body builder 6 pack abs. I'd be the best physical therapist the world has ever seen, with a 100% success and 100% satisfaction rate, completely reversing even progressive, non-curable conditions. I'd somehow have tons of extra time to exercise and volunteer and create imaginative works of art in every medium known to man. And my hair would always be perfect.

Ok, maybe that's not what John Lennon had in mind when he wrote that song. Maybe its more like....imagining a better version of yourself and a better life and a better world. And doing just a few little things each day.

As always, I have to make a list. Oh! Imagine the world without lists! *shudder* I would die! I would go completely insane and then just drop dead. I gotta make a list -- quick!


1) Cut out meat and dairy: I had a few injuries in 2010. And a weird, creeping contact dermatitis that lasted forever. And, of course, a never ending respiratory infection. The more I learn about our food sources, the more I am convinced that moving to a more plant based diet is better for overall health. And maybe for reducing risk of injuries and sickness plus for quicker recovery. So I'm gonna stop reading about it and just do it. For a month. And see where I am in February.

2) Work out 30 Times in 30 Days: Yeah, its left over from December where it was an epic fail. But where I failed at the Holiday Booty Buster I can succeed in the New Years Resolution buster! (no link. I just like the word "buster")

3) Journal Daily: Just cause I think it keeps me grounded and more clear headed. And probably more pleasant to be around. It's a gift, really, to all the people who are forced to interact me each and every day!

4) Go on One Winter Hike: Either solo or with somebody.

5) Get Continuing Education Courses Set and Turned In For 2011: Early start.

6) Go on 2 or More Group Runs: Running doesn't always have to be such a solitary activity. I know that in theory. I just always seem to train alone. Group runs may be a nice change.

7) Finish 3 Books This Month: Looking back at last year, maybe a book a week was a bit too lofty a goal (especially when one has a penchant for Stephen King). A week off every now and then is know, to work on my time machine and perfecting cold fusion.

8) Two Projects from the Infamous "Project Box": Again, taking my cues from last year, about half credit. So I'll adjust the goals this year accordingly. So that I don't feel like as I'm making progress I'm still running behind.

9)Write Four Old Fashioned Snail Mail Letters to Friends: I know. Makes me seem like I'm living in the 1940s. But I still say that getting something in the mail is much more uplifting than getting poked on facebook!

10) Girl's Weekend: A girl's gotta have fun, right?

And since it's January.....the month of New Beginnings,

Today's New Thing:
Cooked on my New Electric Skillet. Not as great as the George Foreman Grill. But ok.

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Diane said...

I like your goals. I always like your goals. Your goals give me ideas for my goals (though a few of them are my goals already). The difference between us is that you usually achieve your goals and I always fall flat. How do you do that? No, don't tell me... 'cause then I'd have to admit to myself that I'm just damned lazy and I don't want to do that. Yet.