Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Life is Good Foundation

Last summer, I went to the Life is Good concert, which benfits the Life is Good Foundation. I originally went just to see the bands and have a good time. But I did a lot of reading up on the foundation it supports and was very impressed.

The Life is Good Foundation was founded by the clothing company of the same name -- you know the Tshirts with the stick figure guy, Jake, and the fun, happy little sayings. I have about 7 shirts from this company as well as a spare tire cover for the jeep that says "Life is Good" with a little hippy flower.

The foundation is interesting in that it focuses on giving kids who have life threatening challenges (violence, poverty, illness, natural disasters) a chance to play. I find it rather unique that the focus is PLAY. Oftentimes, we forget about the chance to have fun and be joyful in the face of bigger problems. But for children, play is their work. Play is how they grow and mature and learn how to interact with others and how they learn. I love that this charity focuses on helping kids to play.

Two areas they are actively involved in are Haiti and the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. And, yes, people there need food and water and clothing and shelter. But the kids also need some joy in their lives. The foundation also works in poverty stricken areas in cites, and homeless shelters.

Go here if you want to learn more about the Life is Good Foundation. You can donate or buy a shirt or a coffee mug or something if you wanna.

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Anonymous said...

Could you ask them to do one of their concerts out here??? :)