Sunday, January 23, 2011

wounded warrior project

So, this week's charity is the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT

Last fall, the rehab hospital where I work hosted a Wounded Warrior Weekend with the intention of getting disables vets exposed to adaptive sports such as bicycling, kayaking, fishing, and camping. Though my involvement in that project was limited secondary to prior commitments, it is something I feel very strongly about. And it was a great success! I am a big believer in the importance of recreational endeavors as part of a balanced life.

In addition to support for recreation, the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT provides support for injured service members and their families for counseling and psychological support, occupational training, peer mentoring, and supports advocacy for injured vets, as well.

No matter what your personal views about the wars we, as a country, are fighting, I think we all owe it to the servicemen and women to support them upon their return.

If you would like to learn more about the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT, go here for more info!

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Anonymous said...

I always thought that would be something that would be fun to volunteer for: lead hikes in the local mountains or something. I'll have to look into it once some of these other time-consuming projects are out of the way...