Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Bad Dates

I have been battling my Internet Explorer for the past week or so. I think I finally got things working, now. And so-- here are a week's worth of posts starting with a bad date.
Last summer, I went out for drinks with a friend from work, her boyfriend, and a bunch of his friends. Her boyfriend worked at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, which meant drinks with lots of nerds. (I may be one of the only people in the world for whom this is an exciting prospect. I love me my scientists, geeks, and nerds!)

Anyway, it was here that I met Paul. Though he did not work at WHOI, he did have a PhD in biochemistry (which is a definite plus!) but he worked for a medical software company doing systems upgrades (down a notch, but still relatively neutral). Outside of his academic statistics, Paul was pretty nice, had a decent sense of humor, liked working out and being outside. (Plus, plus, plus!) We exchanged phone numbers and talked about meeting up in Boston.

Paul and I texted and emailed for a couple weeks, just talking and trying to make plans and whatnot. I did think it was a little odd that he kept asking when I was going to go back to get either a PhD or a DPT, even though I had told him several times "Never." (My main focus is clinical whereas advanced degrees are focused on research. Blech!) But whatever. We had a date to plan.

We finally picked a date; again it was a sort of informal thing with lots of people meeting for drinks and food at restaurant/club in the south end. I jumped on the train and headed up to the city.

At the restaurant, I quickly became aware of the fact that I was THE ONLY ONE there who did not have a PhD. I felt pretty inferior...for about 2 minutes...until I started talking to these people. It was like "group-date dinner with the overeducated do-nothings."

to be continued....

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