Wednesday, June 6, 2012

four questions

So one of my favoritest bloggie buddies started a little linky party this week. And since I've been rather...creatively challenged....lately. I decided to jump in early, while its still super new. (It's so rare that I even find out about ANYTHING when its new. I'm chalking that up to being busy, NOT being over 40.)

Anyway, the game is called 4 Questions, 1 Answer. When I first read the name, I thought that you had to come up with ONE answer that correctly answered 4 different questions. That sounded too challenging. Fortunately, it was one long answer and 3 one word answers to four questions. Much easier for a creatively challenged soul like myself!

What is your least favorite nickname/ petname?

Most of my nicknames / petnames stem from the fact that I am only 5'0" tall. I amazingly had four (4) boyfriends call me Peanut-head. And I've had the usual spattering of Half-Pint, Sprout, Tiny, and Little One.

Then, of course, are the nicknames because of my name: Heather-Feather, or Feather.

I don't mind those or any of the others through the years because of my love of science and hard rock music. (Nerd, Dork, Geek, Rocker-Chick)

I'm not so fond of the nickname that is, ironically, most of my friends' absolute favorite: Ass-Butt. Whatever. I eat a lot of vegetables.

Where were you when you received your first kiss?

Do you believe in Karma?

What is your favorite summertime treat?

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Christina said...

Ass-Butt? Hahahah!

Stopping by from the linkup :)