Saturday, June 2, 2012

Rainy Saturday

June 2nd arrived rainy and cold and that always reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. (From the classic "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" which is the first thing I remember scaring me and giving me nightmares.) Today was not a day for nightmares, however, just rain. I'm hoping the nightmares of 2011 are washed away.

I went to two birthday parties today; one for a 5 year old and one for a 15 year old.

One party with incessantly moving, hyper, jumping, screeching, overly excited little boys who I could easily corral and control with one simple question: "Who is your favorite superhero?" The response that made me the most happy: "Ironman!" -- not because of the response itself, but rather the response to the response. "That's Mommy's favorite superhero, too!" followed by 4 other moms "Oh, yes...."  The response that made me the most sad: "I don't like superheros. They aren't real. I like Ice Truckers." Maybe more rain will wash away those nightmares left over from 2011.

The other party had slumpy, lumpy, incessantly texting, grunting, exceedingly bored looking teenage girls who I could confuse with one simple concept: the mixed tape. I was telling them about how much you had to REALLY like somebody in order to even consider making them a mixed tape. How you had to wait for a song to come on the radio, with the record, play, and pause button all simultaneously depressed and then quickly un-pause when the song came on. Heaven forbid you were in the bathroom when the song came on the radio! Or if the DJ was really talky that day. You'd have to just wait it out. Sometimes it took two weeks (or longer) to make a single, perfect mixed tape. And then, if you had a falling out, you'd really want that tape BACK! The other person could either be nice and return the tape, or immature and hold the tape hostage, or just evil and break the tape, unravelling it in front of you like a James Bond villain. The response was...well, blank stares, actually. One girl asked me if I was making this up. Another asked why we didn't just make a play list on i-tunes and email it to the other person.  Some of yesteryear's nightmares have already been washed away.

Happy Saturday Night.

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