Friday, June 1, 2012


June is here. I spent the first day of June pulling up weeds, trimming bushes, and de-pollinating my apartment. I guess summery things to do, though not necessarily overly fun things to do. S'ok. It was a little on the cool side for the beach, but the perfect temperature for a little work outside.

One of my neighbors stopped me as I was carrying bags of clippings to the dumpster and asked me some questions about her flowers. She thought I was one of the people from the gardening crew.


First day of the month always means time to do a little reflection, a little list making, and a little goal setting.

May Goals:

1) Journal Daily: 2/3 of the time successful
2) Bring Lunch to Work 3 of 4 days: Big fat fail there. I brought my lunch on week and two days of week two. No matter how much I prepare and get things ready, I always feel rushed on the way out the door.
3) Plant the container gardens: success! Now if I could figure out how to get the critters to stop eating my strawberries!
4) Get 7 or more hours of sleep a night: mostly successful. I had one or so nights a week where I just couldn't sleep. But other than that good rest. :)
5) Fun Group Activity Every Weekend: so let's see: 1st w/e: movies with J and Shel, 2nd w/e: Ragnar Relay, 3rd: Adaptive Sports Fair and play, 4th: Pub Run and group kayaking trip. Not too shabby!
6) Swim in the Ocean: success! Wanted to swim again today, but was a little cold.
7) Tune up bike and ride: fail.
8) Weekly Check in Meetings: talking with Isabella every week. Though at this point, I think she needs me to keep her on track more than vice versa. Which is ok.

JUNE GOALS: (a little differently)

5 Things to Get Rid of :

1) 4-5 pounds
2) caffeine
3) overworking
4) TV (cut it out 3 times per week)
5) the fear of just committing to SOMETHING (anything!)

5 New Things to Get:

1) A green smoothie every day habit (courtesy of Amanda) Oh...and they are frickin delicious!
2) A fireproof box for valuables: My friend's house burned down last month. I should've gotten this sooner.
3) A morning workout. The (once again) late nights have kept me from my workouts more than I wanted.
4) Starting Back up on "The Artist's Way" Did it a few times before and always felt more centered
5) Run a mile every day (courtesy of Jess)

5 Things to Keep:

1) The daily journaling.
2) Container Gardening :)
3) Group Activities on the weekends
4) Trying new recipes each week
5)  Keeping on track with Isabella and me both

Hoping June will be filled with sun and sand and the ocean, strawberries and tomatoes, green smoothies and group runs, kayaking and biking, new friends and old, and a few creative endeavors.

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Cathy said...

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