Thursday, June 14, 2012

Home Decorating Fail


I have never been the kind of person who gets excited over tab curtains. Or table cloths. Or place mats. It may be partially because I've never owned my own place and decorating in rented digs is always limited by the lease stipulations: no painting, no putting holes in the wall, no hanging things on the balcony. But I think its mostly because my has always been just a place to keep my things and and sleep. Not a place to reflect my individuality or build a nest.

Then, after my move in October, I got on this minimalist kick where I pretty much wanted to get rid of extraneous stuff and keep everything clean and tidy and plain. Remember that Ikea commercial: "Are we too white?" That was my apartment.

Yet every now and then, I long for a little pop of color and pizazz. You know, a little wow factor. Of course, I'm cheap as hell so I'm not going out buying crap for my blank white canvas with yellow walls, either. But a couple weeks ago, after my ill fated attempt at gardening, I had an idea.

Bingo! Just take a flower from one of the bushes I had been unsuccessfully pruning, pop it in a miniature milk bottle, and place it on my shelf from the dollar store (attached to the wall with command stick tape so as to leave no holes)

Maybe add another little bud that blew off a bush during a rain storm. It'll open right up in no time!

Don't they look cute tucked away in my little alcove next to the fireplace? A little pop of color, a little pizazz, a little wow factor all for the grand total of $4.00. I should appear on the fricking Nate Berkus show or something!

I was very happy with my home decorating project.

And then I woke up with my eyes almost swollen shut and my whole face itchy and a really hard time breathing.

Now my front stoop is very decorated.

Stupid pollen!

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Cathy said...

Well, I think it's cute!